The pharmaceuticals market is Merxin’s native land. The team at Merxin has been working in and for the pharmaceutical industry for decades, designing devices, formulations, planning clinical studies and filings for the treatment of Asthma, COPD, IPAH, cystic fibrosis etc.

We make devices for new molecules (originators) and for generic products. Our MRX001, MRX003, MRX004 DPI and soft mist inhalers are particularly successful with generic developers across the world. Our devices are generic and customised, fulfilling the quality requirements needed for FDA and EMEA scrutiny.

Two Merxin employees working in the lab

Pharmaceutical Products

The Merxin device platforms are based on popular and successful original devices designed for combination products (device+formulation) of mono, duo and triple drug formulations. Our devices are perfectly suited for new molecules, and they are available for clinical trials and commercial launch.

MRX001 is a substitutable (AB rated) generic multidose blister dry powder inhaler for fluticasone + salmeterol DPI.

MRX002 is a clear PET vial that can be fitted with pMDI valves to visualise formulations and act as a dose indicator.

MRX003 is a substitutable (AB rated) generic capsule inhaler for tiotropium DPI.

MRX004 is a substitutable (AB rated) generic soft mist inhaler for tiotropium or/and olodaterol.


Blister Multidose DPI

MRX001 Blister Multidose DPI

MRX001 is a blister based multidose dry powder inhaler (DPI). MRX001 is based on the open-click-inhale-close principle and can be used as a generic device...



PET vial for pMDI formulations

MRX002 PET vial for pMDI formulations

MRX002 is a PET vial ideal for modelling pMDI formulations. MRX002 is a clear vial that can be fitted with commercial pMDI valves, continuous and...



Capsule DPI

MRX003 Capsule DPI

MRX003 is a generic capsule based inhaler designed in particular as a generic AB rated device for tiotropium DPI.

It is the only "off-the-shelf" commercially available...



Soft mist inhaler

MRX004 Soft mist inhaler

MRX004 is a soft mist inhaler device. It is developed as an interchangeable AB rated device opportunity for tiotropium/olodaterol as formulated with the Respimat.

MRX004 is...