MRX004 is a soft mist inhaler device. It is developed as an interchangeable AB rated device opportunity for tiotropium/olodaterol/

MRX004 is also ideal for life cycle management and new molecules, particularly for those products who would benefit from a reduced dose.

Soft mist inhalers are active aqueous devices that create a fine, slow-moving aerosol. They accommodate liquid formulations and rely on mechanical energy to create an aerosol. They neither work with propellant nor electric power. They are environmentally friendly and provide a high IP protection.

MRX004 can certainly be used with new molecules for lung delivery, repurposing of existing molecules, life cycle management, and reformulating molecules from nebulisers or pMDI/DPI.

Soft mist inhaler


MRX004 Top View
MRX004 Brochure

MRX004 Brochure

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