MRX002+ is a see-through pMDI vial designed for low carbon footprint propellant formulations.

MRX002+ enables carbon neutral inhalers.

MRX002+ has been designed to be compatible with HFA 152a and HFO-1234ze. It is also compatible with HFA 227 and HFA 134a.

MRX002+ is a see-through vial ideal for modelling pMDI formulations.

MRX002+ has a softening point above 95°C, making it suitable to test the temperature stability of pMDI formulations as recommended by the FDA.

MRX002+ can be fitted with commercial valves, continuous and metered to test and see pMDI formulations.

With MRX002+, formulations can be observed in situ. MRX002+ is safe to use with a range of solvent, including ethanol and oils.

MRX002+ has been safely tested up to 55 bars, but MRX002+ is not yet pressure rated and is for laboratory use only (i.e. not for clinical use).



MRX002+ Top View
MRX002+ Brochure

MRX002+ Brochure

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