Merxin is a medical device platform design and supply company established by two recognised experts in the field of drug delivery.

Merxin Ltd was incorporated in the UK on 12 December 2015 with company registration number 990681.

Merxin in a Meeting
Graham Purkins LinkedIn

Graham Purkins

Chief Technology Officer

Chief Technology Officer and founder of Merxin Ltd. Graham is a chartered engineer and medical device expert with an accomplished track record delivering technology and global projects across R&D and commercial industrialisation. Previous lives include Head of Hardware Development at 3M Health Care, Device Engineering Group Manager at Novartis and Programme Manager at Bespak leading the construction and setting up of the UK's largest clean room manufacturing facility for the Mylan generic Advair DPI platform. Building and leading effective teams and delivering exciting projects proves so much fun that his leisure time is filled with a never-ending series of house renovation projects.

Philippe Rogueda LinkedIn

Philippe Rogueda

Chief Business Officer

Chief Business officer and founder of Merxin Ltd, Philippe is a formulation expert with a global reputation. Philippe is a fellow of the Woolcock Respiratory Institute at Sydney University, and formerly Executive Director at Actavis Pharma, where he set up their generic inhalation pipeline. He has an enviable track record in developing pMDI, DPI, Nebules, Nasal and soft mist inhalers in both generic and originator companies. Philippe recently founded Anthocan Ltd, a company dedicated to inhaled cannabinoid therapies. Philippe founded Merxin with Graham, where he makes sure Merxin provides devices the markets seek and that Merxin is a sound and successful business where creativity and fun go hand in hand.

Helen Allton LinkedIn

Helen Allton

Quality Manager

Helen Allton is the Quality Manager at Merxin. This involves working closely with all Merxin’s employees to ensure that there are processes in place to ensure the best possible product is provided to our customers and that Merxin retains its ISO13485 certification. As Merxin is a growing business, this also involves working closely with Merxin’s selected supplier base. Helen comes to Merxin with a PhD in Chemistry and a varied career in medical industries. As Quality Manager, Helen is able to indulge her liking to be bossy in a constructive manner.

Stephanie Hammond LinkedIn

Stephanie Hammond

Programme Manager

As Programme Manager at Merxin, Steph oversees timely delivery of Merxin’s key programmes. Steph’s experience as an English Teacher and transition into the medical industry equipped her with the patience, skills and knowledge essential for managing £M budgets, navigating quality and technical solutions with customers, suppliers and the Merxin internal team. Steph has managed development and industrial programmes for medical devices. Steph has recently completed an MSc in Strategic Project Management and is keen to keep learning!

Adam Stuart LinkedIn

Adam Stuart

Principal Engineer

Adam is the Principal Engineer at Merxin with a wealth of experience in inhalation device development and a strong background in mechanical engineering. Adam has a hands-on approach to tackling projects, accomplishing goals and solving complex problems. His creative insight and vision combined with a strong technical skill set have resulted in a proven track record in intellectual property generation and bringing novel products from laboratory concepts to mass-manufacture. As an engineer, Adam is happy to help and explain, although he can't promise the workings of his mind will be understandable.

Emma Clark LinkedIn

Emma Clark

Company Administrator

Emma is based at Merxin Head Office in King’s Lynn where she works closely with and assists Philippe and Graham in their day to day duties, whilst supporting the wider team with all elements of office and company administration within each department. Emma brings with her a wide and varied range of skills and experience, gained across several industries working for both independent and global organisations. Emma is motivated by the busy, demanding and fun Merxin environment, especially when there’s chocolate involved!

Ethan Crown LinkedIn

Ethan Crown

Business Development Associate

Business Development and Marketing Associate at Merxin Ltd, Ethan is a forward thinker with a passion for growth. Ethan has run his own business, managing social media for small and large clients and recently launched a gin distillery with his family. Ethan loves the outdoors and regularly competes in mountain bike races across the UK. Although new to the inhalation industry he is driven by curiosity and never wastes an opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of how the world works. He relishes marketing activities that are implemented in a diverse way and gets excited by technology and how it transforms the world.

Vision - Generic & Customised

Merxin is a designer, developer and supplier of generic and customised drug delivery and medical device platforms.

Merxin supplies customers with devices ready to be filled with proprietary formulations. Merxin creates, develops and supplies device platforms for evaluation through to commercial supply.

Merxin device platforms save its customers money and time to develop, file and market inhaled dosage forms. We take problems away from our customer. We do it so they don’t have to. We are a trusted partner. We are part of the solution.

Quality is in our veins. Merxin Ltd has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 13485:2016 for the Design, Development and Supply of inhalers.

Merxin is active in the fields of pharmaceuticals, inhaled cannabinoids therapies (iCTx) and reduced risk nicotine inhalers (RiNih).

The benefits of working with Merxin are:

Reduce Cost, Reduce Risk, Increase Success

Merxin Generic & Customised Campaign


Merxin wins King’s Lynn and West Norfolk Mayor Business of the year Award

Merxin wins King’s Lynn and West Norfolk Mayor Business of the year Award

Perlen and Merxin partner to develop BLISTair for Cannabis

Perlen and Merxin partner to develop BLISTair for Cannabis

MRX001 achieves in vitro bioequivalence against Advair Diskus.

MRX001 achieves in vitro bioequivalence against Advair Diskus.

Merxin is the recipient of European Union R&D Funds

Merxin is the recipient of European Union R&D Funds

MRX003 gets CE marked

MRX003 gets CE marked

Launch of MRX004 soft mist inhaler (generic of Respimat)

Launch of MRX004 soft mist inhaler (generic of Respimat)

Merxin gets ISO13485:2016 certified

Merxin gets ISO13485:2016 certified

Merxin moves to King’s Lynn offices

Merxin moves to King’s Lynn offices

Launch of MRX003 (capsule dry powder inhaler; generic of HandiHaler)

Launch of MRX003 (capsule dry powder inhaler; generic of HandiHaler)

MRX003 gets FDA nod for generic sustainability using HandiHaler as a reference product

MRX003 gets FDA nod for generic sustainability using HandiHaler as a reference product

Launch of MRX001 (multidose blister dry powder inhaler; generic of Diskus)

Launch of MRX001 (multidose blister dry powder inhaler; generic of Diskus)

Launch of MRX002, clear pMDI canister

Launch of MRX002, clear pMDI canister

Founding of Merxin Ltd

Founding of Merxin Ltd

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Awards & Accreditations

ISO 13485:2016

In December 2017, Merxin Ltd was assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 13485:2016 for the Design, Development and Supply of inhalers.

Our ISO 13485:2016 accreditation recognises the quality management systems that Merxin have in place, reflected in the quality of standards across our products and services. Merxin is qualified to supply regulated markets such as the EU, Japan, Canada, Australia and US.

FDA substitutability of MRX003

In February 2017, MRX003, our capsule DPI inhaler was given the nod by the FDA as a suitable generic device with which to file a 505j ANDA of Spiriva HandiHaler (tiotropium).

The origins of Merxin are in the generic world, we design device that would accelerate generic filing: performance and handling have to be matched to the originator product, while avoiding existing I.P. Merxin excels at this. We then take this expertise to making device platforms for new molecules and combinations.

CE marking of MRX003

In December 2017, a version of our Capsule inhaler MRX003 was cleared for CE marking and use in clinical trials.

We do not simply design devices, we make them compliant with the necessary device regulations in EU and US, ready for human use, clinical trials and commercial launch. Pharmaceutical quality is in our DNA.

EU Regional Development Fund Grant

In December 2018, Merxin was awarded a grant from the New Anglia Business Growth Programme - Small Grant Scheme, part funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

The funds were used to accelerate Merxin R&D plans and enabled us to invest in new equipment, Malvern Spraytec and Mitutoyo Metrology, to increase our services to our clients.

We are committed to exceed our customers’ expectation and work and run with them towards filing, approval and launch of their products. The commercial success of our clients is the measure of our success.

Business of the Year awards – 2019

In March 2019, Merxin was named as West Norfolk’s top company.

We were awarded the Mayor’s Business of the Year Award 2019 by King’s Lynn and West Norfolk council.

The award recognises ambition, drive, innovation and determination demonstrated by the businesses of West Norfolk and their contribution to the King’s Lynn and West Norfolk economy.

As the leading medical device company in King’s Lynn we want to help grow a high-tech ecosystem reliant on local talent and accessibility.

We are proud to be recognised for our ground-breaking innovation and our ambitious vision for our future in King’s Lynn.


Merxin is always looking for new talent and will be pleased to hear from future team members wanting to join us.

We use a transparent and engaging recruitment process that opens a creative dialogue with candidates. We like candidates, we appreciate the effort they go to when applying for a position at Merxin. We treat them fairly and openly. We communicate with them whatever the outcome.

That means we do not use over rated recruitment databases and we do not engage copycat bland self-styled recruitment executives. Our future employees deserve more than being treated as statistics.

We advertise our vacancies on LinkedIn, Indeed and other major job search websites.

Current Vacancies:

Junior Engineer


If you are a recruitment agency trying to sell us yet another CV database, have a cup of tea, treat yourself, don’t waste your time.

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