You will not walk alone with Merxin Ltd. We only succeed when you do, so we work hard to make sure you can launch as soon as possible. Our goal is your commercial launch, what is yours?

Merxin Ltd creates, develops and supplies device platforms for evaluation through to commercial supply.

3D Print Curing
Inhalation Device Design

From Design to Supply

Merxin Ltd designs and develops concepts, creating and evaluating design iterations to find the best solution. With both in-house prototyping and a network of suppliers, Merxin Ltd is able to take its device platforms from the drawing desk and laboratory, through to supply for clinical trials and ultimately high-volume manufacturing. With a concept-to-launch approach Merxin Ltd offers a full solution to inhaler deveopment, providing the outputs clients need with the support and flexibility required to build a strong partnership.

Providing device platforms for customers is much more than creating drawings and making parts. Device design and development encompasses a wealth of engineering activity. Setting up supply chains requires extensive technical and business management activity. Providing product for clinical or commercial use means having appropriate corporate systems and controls in place.

We take problems away from our customers. We do it so they don’t have to. We are a trusted partner. We are part of the solution. We will support you with the device design and manufacturing and much more to speed up your filing and supplement your in-house device expertise or provide it should you not have relevant device expertise internally.

With in-house capability for designing and making prototypes, Merxin Ltd is able to efficiently try out concepts, create IP and build a rich level of device understanding. By overseeing and managing the manufacturing of product, including designing and building assembly and test equipment and defining processes, Merxin Ltd controls the product quality. With control and oversight of documentation alignment to regulatory requirements is assured.

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