The World's first Zero°C Vaping Device.

The ZeroC devices deliver fixed or continuous doses of Nicotine. They work best with aqueous formulations and are designed to reach the deep lung. They are being evaluated for both recreational use and nicotine cessation therapies.

The ZeroC devices do not heat formulations to aerosolise them. They are suitable for use as an alternative vaping system, with no heating element nor the need to use PG (propylene glycol) or VG (vegetable glycerine) as the carrier liquid. The ZeroC are reduced risk nicotine inhalers (RiNih). They can be mechanically driven or battery operated. ZeroC can operate in 2 modes: dosed or continuous. The dosed mode is best suited for accurate delivery, the continuous mode is best suited for the recreational market where users may want to self-dose with a sensory experience they can control. Both versions are designed to aid smoking cessation.

The ZeroC devices are handheld, compact and module based. Their plume is controllable and is tuneable. The ZeroC can be interfaced with digital solutions for a superior user experience.

portable fine mist inhaler



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