Merxin has partnered with Perlen to take the BLISTair DPI technology to the iCTx markets (inhaled cannabinoid therapies).

The PERLAMED™ BLISTair is a single-use inhaler made from a thermoformed blister, completely manufactured on one blister machine. It is both a primary and secondary packaging. It is a self-contained device: air intake, mouthpiece, powder enclosure and opening system. It allows patients to always have a new device.

It is an efficient device with flexible dose size made of 3 individual parts. It is used in 3 intuitive steps: Pull, Breathe, Dispose.

The BLISTair is very well suited for DPI formulations of cannabinoids, it can accommodate the high doses of CBD and smaller THC doses. It can be used for rescue therapies and chronic uses. Merxin offer THC and CBD formulations for the BLISTair as well as full quality compliance.

Single Use Inhaler


Blistair Top View

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