Our body would not function without its endocannabinoid system. Cannabis and its derivatives are now being brought back to the natural pharmacopeia.

The inhaled drug route is as efficient as injections to deliver drugs to the body.

It has a high bio-availability and avoids first-pass metabolism that efficiently destroy most drugs given via the oral route.

The most effective route to deliver cannabinoids in a controlled, dosed and stream lined way is via the lungs. The inhaled route is as efficient as injections for cannabinoids delivery and far less invasive. It enables the use of reduced doses for an equal efficacy, non-invasive delivery, faster onset (typically minutes vs hours) and higher bioavailability than the oral route. Importantly the toxic effects of cannabis oral uptake are avoided.

Curing 3D Printed Inhalation Device Pieces

Cannabinoids Products

Be part of the iCTx revolution. We are developing new lung delivery devices for the efficient delivery of CBD/THC and other compounds. 

We offer our devices for the development of cannabinoid dry powder inhalers as well as soft mist formulations.

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" We make inhaled cannabinoid therapies reliable "
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