Reduced Risk Nicotine Inhalers (RiNih)

Vaping devices have opened the world to reduced risk inhaled nicotine inhalers (RiNih) to aid smoking cessation. These are Inhalers that do not generate the carcinogenic compounds found in combustion cigarettes while retaining the sensory experience sought by smokers and vapers.

Merxin has developed RiNih based devices on its knowledge and expertise from the Pharmaceutical market to make products defined by 3 attributes: Quality, Reliability, and Efficacy. 

Our aim is the help users to lead a healthier lifestyle and stop smoking. 

Inhaler Testing

Reduced Risk Nicotine Inhalers (RiNih)

Our RiNih products do away with the combustion and heating element of cigarettes and vaping devices. They also swap the PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerine) carriers for aqueous based formulations, making the finished product one of the safest nicotine inhaler in development. One of our RiNih uses no battery, thus reducing user risks even further. These inhalers can be dosed or continuous.

The ZeroC devices deliver fixed or continuous doses of Nicotine. They work best with aqueous formulations and their aerosols are designed to reach the deep lung. They are being evaluated for both recreational use and nicotine cessation therapies.

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